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Zoe and Annie

I first discovered Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint back in 2006. My son was due and we couldn’t afford to buy expensive nursery furniture so we bought off the shelf flat pack bare pine furniture from a well known DIY shop. With no experience of painting furniture, I needed something quick and easy that would look good and last for a reasonable price.
I found Annie Sloan's Original Chalk™ Paint and from then on was literally looking for anything I could paint. I went on to Upcycle and sell furniture and experimented with many brands of paint that came after Annie’s but I always came back to the best and finally, Teasel & Tweed became a stockist in July 2017. The absolute highlight of that year was travelling down to Oxford to spend two amazing days with Annie at her headquarters learning all about Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint, saw so many examples of Annies work and being taught so much about the paint, it's uses, tips, mixing colours and techniques. I even got to visit Annie's flagship shop that’s in Oxford!
We are incredibly proud to be an Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint stockist and to be able to offer our customers the Original and The Best Chalk™ Paint there is!
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New Development!!!

Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint
Big Announcement No1!
I’m going to be a busy girl this month but not as busy as Annie Sloan!
This is the first of our big announcements as an Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint stockist for January so keep watching as more coming this week!
Drum roll please……  so we now officially are able to sell all Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint products to trade. Whoohoo!!!!
So if any of our customers are Professional Decorators, Interior Designers, Gardeners or even Upholsters and would like to use Annie Sloan products then you now can access them at Trade.
Use Annie Sloan Wallpaint to create a specific desired look, give a kitchen a new lease of life using Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint or even Upcycle Furniture pieces even Garden Furniture then we are here to help and advise you on how. Your customers deserve the best finish and the highest quality products and now you can offer them.
We are here to help you as our customer in all aspects of the process, advise you on techniques, colour mixing and you can even attend our workshops at a discounted rate too!
In no time at all you can purchase at trade prices,   









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Annie Sloan Paints!

Annie Sloan Paints!

Annie Sloan Paints!

Last month we announced the release of Annie Sloan ChalkTM Paint gifts sets in her inspired and vibrant new colours celebrating Charleston House and the Bloomsbury Artists Vanessa Bell & Duncan Grant that transformed it into the masterpiece it is today. These colours will be available to buy in Litre tins early next year!! 


Available in Store NOW!

While we await the arrival of our exciting new products from Annie, we have a range of paints and gifts sets available to take home today.