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Gifts for Gin drinkers this Christmas

Gin will be high on many people’s Santa list this year, but other than gin, what do you buy a gin drinker at Christmas?

A flourishing market

The Scottish Gin industry has been flourishing in recent years. While a Gin & Tonic may have traditionally been thought of as quintessentially English, did you know that Scotland now produces more than 70% of the gin consumed in the UK?  In fact, gin is rapidly on course to catch up with, and some predict surpass, the spirit everyone in the world associates with Scotland, Whisky.

Craft distilleries

What has been wonderful about the success of the Scottish gin industry is that so much of it has come from independent craft distilleries, scattered far and wide across the country, each putting their own distinct twist on the juniper based spirit.


Gin is embracing Christmas this year, with many of the craft distilleries producing seasonally spiced variations. I’m sure many of your loved ones will be enjoying a glass or two of gin over the festive period.  Here are some gift ideas to complement their favourite tipple:


 1. TScottish gin maphe Scottish Gin Map and Chefs’ Apron

This Gin map plots out many of Scotland’s finest gins geographically and features many of the spices and distinctive flavours used to make them.  Available from Teasel & Tweed directly.


2. Gin Lush Glencairn glasses

GINdependent GINMate GINLush GINtuition
GINdependent Women gin glas GINmate GINtuition gin glass

Designed by Teasel & Tweed and produced by Burns Crystal, these unique Scottish made gin glasses are elegant and fun glasses for enjoying your favourite tipple, featuring amusing gin inspired terms, that are sure to raise a smile.   



3. Gin & Tonic Lip balm

This Gin and Tonic lip balm is a great wee stocking filler, available directly from Teasel & Tweed.

Gin & tonic lip balm







4. Boozy brussels

Boozy brussels

These chocolate brussel sprouts are made with a twist of gin and make an ideal stocking filler or after-dinner treat. Available from Teasel & Tweed.



5. Doric Ceramics gin beakers

A quirky alternative to a gin glass, gin lovers may enjoy these gin & tonic beakers, which are multi-purpose and can be used for drinking hot drinks, as well asGin & tonic beakers gin & tonic.

6. Siabann Sloe Gin Skin Candles

Slow gin Siabann candleAnother stocking filler, this the Siabann Sloe Gin candle is a luxurious combination of oils and butters that are specially hand blended and hand poured in Scotland to nourish & rejuvenate skin.  Made from a unique blend of 100% natural oils, butters and waxes, the candle can be burned to form a pool of warm oil, that can be used straight onto the skin.The warm oils are perfect for a massage, to treat dry skin or just to moisturise.








7. Siabann Juniper and Lime Liquid Handwash and Hand & Body Lotion

Juniper and lime soap and hand lotionJuniper berries, gin’s key ingredient, are used alongside Lime, to bring a fresh and zesty scent to this range of soap and body lotion from Siabann. Elegantly presented in a s

8. Gin O’Clock coaster set

gin coastersAhh, Gin O’Clock…every gin enthusiast’s favourite time of the day and this wooden coaster set will provide a perfect place to rest their favourite drink in between sips.

9. GIN Bunny Tote bag

Gin bag For your loved ones who enjoy both a trip to the gym and a glass of gin, this fun tote bag will be perfect gift. The bag i s a nice size for carrying gym wear, or it can be used as a multi-purpose shopping bag. Available at Teasel & Tweed.








10. Galloway Lodge Preserves Rhubarb

Rhubarb & gin jamGin jamMade using the finest ingredients and with traditional methods, Galloway Lodge Preserves bring together two of our favourite flavours for this jam and, yes, it tastes as good as it sounds!






Gin & tonic tea

11. G & T  Tea

Juniper berries are used to give these teas a crisp and distinctive taste. Maybe not a real G & T but, nevertheless, a refreshing and healthy alternative that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.  Available from Teasel & Tweed Shop.




For more information or to order any of these products, please get in touch with us today!


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