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New Development!!!

Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint
Big Announcement No1!
I’m going to be a busy girl this month but not as busy as Annie Sloan!
This is the first of our big announcements as an Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint stockist for January so keep watching as more coming this week!
Drum roll please……  so we now officially are able to sell all Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint products to trade. Whoohoo!!!!
So if any of our customers are Professional Decorators, Interior Designers, Gardeners or even Upholsters and would like to use Annie Sloan products then you now can access them at Trade.
Use Annie Sloan Wallpaint to create a specific desired look, give a kitchen a new lease of life using Annie Sloan Chalk™ Paint or even Upcycle Furniture pieces even Garden Furniture then we are here to help and advise you on how. Your customers deserve the best finish and the highest quality products and now you can offer them.
We are here to help you as our customer in all aspects of the process, advise you on techniques, colour mixing and you can even attend our workshops at a discounted rate too!
In no time at all you can purchase at trade prices,   









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