Glencairn Crystal Prosecco Glass


Glencairn Crystal Engraved Prosecco Glasses designed by Teasel & Tweed. The ideal and unique gift for any Prosecco drinker out there.

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Glencairn Crystal Prosecco Glass


Designed By Teasel & Tweed, these engraved Glencairn Crystal Prosecco Glasses are the perfect  gift for any dedicated Prosecco lovers out there with a sense of humour!

Made by  Glencairn Crystal and engraved, these are beautifully crafted glasses and add an element of quirky sophistication to your glassware. Raise a glass of your favourite fizz and because it contains approximately half a standard bottle, put your feet up knowing no repeated trips for refills will be required!!

Choose from the our range of six definitions and pick the perfect glass for you, your loved one or significant other.



a soulmate or fellow lover of the Fizz, co-star at social events or soirees where consuming Prosecco will occur. 

“I need my Proseccoulmate to party and be awesome”



the realisation, awareness or perceived sense of an ever expanding aura of fabulousness due to consuming Prosecco. 

“My Proseccognition is telling me I am ready to party!”



A state reached where limbs are anaethesized, deep sleep beckons and an incapacity to formulate words occurs.

“I think I will just lie here and hold onto the floor till my Proseccoma passes”



A signal used to summon Prosecco drinking friends to share in your bottle of fizzy fabulousness, usually accompanied by frantic jiggling of a raised high bottle!

“PROSECCOoee !!!! Look what I’ve got!!!!”



The not so subtle look of death that says under no circumstances will there be sharing here tonight. 

“ Hey, Proseccoff, get your own bottle of sparkle”



The perfected art of Prosecco prowling by circulating a room with your fizz drinking buddies to maximise refill opportunities.

“Right ladies let’s Prosecculate” 

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Prosecoff, Proseccognition, Proseccoma, Proseccooee, Prosecculation, Proseccoulmate


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